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What are you creating today?




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    Shanley Carlton

    Hi Casey! Honestly, exploring Community Sagans that others have built is a great way to do that. We also have some walkthrough videos of Sagans people have built for lots of purposes that might also get the juices flowing:

    A museum you want to share with your friends:


    Make something for a bigger cause (+ fashion!):


    Let me know if these spark anything, otherwise I'll come back with a try 2. We'll get you making cool Sagans!!

  • Shanley Carlton

    Some other thoughts I had to get you thinking in 3D...

    Maybe before, in the olden days, you told a story about a trip with images and a caption in a facebook post. When telling that story in a Sagan, we start to brainstorm around place (what physical features can I recreate or symbolize in a virtual space?) and around experience (how can I build a space that feels like my experience?)

    Sometimes, the 3D inspiration is literal, like recreating a gallery you love for someone who has never been there in person.

    Sometimes, the 3D inspiration is metaphorical, like creating a room full of love for your sister on her birthday.

    Sometimes, Sagans are productive, like organizing your google docs on shelves in a work room.

    Or, sometimes, Sagans are just cool rooms you build with stories you make up. Like a dressing room for a llama named Megan. 

    Hope this helps, Casey! Excited to see what you build,



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